Welcome to Bar’s Blog I’ve been through some harrowing experiences in my life and had to figure out a way to cope, to feel better and sometimes to just simply stay sane and survive the day. I didn’t do it alone. I’ve had the privilege of meeting phenomenal people along the way who’ve helped me open my eyes to living a more conscious, safe & joyful life.  Here’s the thing. I’m not an expert at anything. But I do know a little about a lot. I can only speak about what I know so far from my own life’s experiences and what has impacted my life. I believe you don’t need to be a master in order to help others. You just need to be one step ahead of a specific challenge, be willing to share and listen with an open heart, love and compassion. Our experiences are usually uncannily similar. By sharing our knowledge, wisdom and experiences we learn together, empower each other and move forward, sometimes just one breath at a time. My intention is that something, somewhere on one of these pages touches your heart. Inspires you. Gives you some hope. Opens a door (even if it’s just a crack) to something you haven’t seen before. It’s all about following those breadcrumbs.  So… Who the hell is Bar? I’m obsessed with all things that move my soul. I’m only interested in open, authentic and honest connection. I’m passionate about growth, self-empowerment, community and the healing power of love.  Link  I’m “ma” to my Sun Brad, the biggest adventure & joy in my life. I’m “wifey” to Martin, seriously THE best husband in the Universe (we got married at the age of 46. White dress, veil en alles!) Doggy mamma to Duke and Mia. Cuteness overload. I love adventure and have travelled to some really cool places.  I’ve surfed down sand dunes in Namibia, sailed in glass bottomed boats in Mauritius, shopped and partied till I dropped in Brazil, did my Inca Masters initiation in sacred ceremonial sites in the Andes in Peru, went snow skiing in Canada, canoeing in the Algarve, dived with sharks & turtles and dolphins, river rafted down massive rapids in the Zambesi. Got engaged during a blood red sunset in a makoro in Zambia. (Martin wove a ring out of reeds for me. Told you he was special). I’ve kissed the blarney stone, had a bamboo tattoo done by a Buddhist monk in a rural village in Thailand.  I was a school teacher for 20 years and absolutely loved my time with the “littles” back in the day. I worked in corporate for 8 years and thrived on the challenge & change in my career while getting to play with “big people” for a change. (That sandpit can sometimes get a bit messy). Studied Aromatherapy massage, Antaneea colour massage  Tarot, Indian Head massage (Yip… I’m the touchy feely type), Reflexology, Kinesiology, Metamorphosis, Advanced Intuitive Healing. I’m a yoga teacher, Reiki Master & an Alto Misayuk (Master) in the Ancient Incan Tradition. I design, run and facilitate my own workshops on energy, healing, creative art workshops, pendulum work, didiri – open share circles & meditation.   I’m a business owner and started MUNAY yoga in 2018 after deciding to change trajectory once again after my breast cancer diagnosis (more about that palaver later). I LOVE my business. She gives me so much freedom of expression to design & create. She affords me sovereignty. She gives me the opportunity to provide a livelihood for my Banda & Queenie & the gift of collaborating with our yoga community. I get to work alongside magical, kind & powerful souls who show up for themselves and their community, every-single-day! I have such immense respect for all you yogis out there. I know it’s not always easy but you guys continue to shine your light so tirelessly while holding space for others.  I have no set plans and no real idea how this blog will evolve. What I do know though is that we each shine a beautiful light that deserves to ignite the light in others. The right people, at the right time, will become part of this little community that we create together. We’ll just go with the flow.  I must admit I felt a bit exposed writing about myself in this blog. But hey, I’ve put myself out there and now I hope you find the courage to do the same. I’d love to connect with you and hear your thought & ideas. You’re most welcome to say “hi”, leave a comment, ask a question or just connect. May you always walk in the power of love. Barbara-Anne