An Easy Guide to Cleanse Your Home from Negative Energy What You’ll Need: Pen & paper Candles: Black (protection) & white (bring in divine healing light) Smudge: White Sage Incense, California White Sage, Imphepo and Palo Santo incense  Container to catch the ash (anything that won’t burn) Feather or object to move the smoke in a specific direction Optional Extras: Crystals: : Rose quartz & black tourmaline (Scratch patch crystals are prefect for this) Place these in the corners of each room for protection & to seal the rooms energy. Sound: Rattle, chimes, singing bowl, bell (anything that makes an echoing sound) This helps to move old stagnant energy. Coarse Salt: (Your local supermarket cheapie is ideal) Sprinkle along the perimeter of your home for protection. HOW TO PREPARE One of the questions I’m often asked is “How do I go about cleansing my home of “bad or negative” energy?” The good news is that it’s an easy (and empowering) process that can be done by anyone. You don’t need any formal training or previous knowledge. Just your intention and a few tried & tested suggestions. Your home is a living, vibrating, extension of your energy. Family members, pets and visitors all leave an imprint of their energy in your home, just by spending time in it. This includes all aspects of their energy. The good, bad, happy and sad (and basically everything in between). With this in mind, it makes sense why regular energetic house cleansing can have a positive effect on your health & wellbeing.  STEP 1: Set Your Intention. Intention is EVERYTHING. When an intention intentions is set, it clarifies what energy you want to create in your home environment. It’s important to write this down. In doing so, you separate that specific intention from the noise that is going on in your head. It brings your intention into focus in order for it to manifest into this 3D time and space reality. What do you want to achieve with your cleansing? STEP 2: Make a list of what energy you want to bring into each individual room. P.S. Have fun. Have an open heart and be ready to receive all the beautiful gifts of love, joy, peace, safety and security that are abundantly on their way to you. Kitchen: Nurturing family and friends with good, wholesome, healthy soul food. Place of community. Being together. Enjoying each other’s company. Healthy food prepared with love and high vibrations. Use all your senses. Imaging the delicious aromas, colour of the food. How family is enjoying your meals. Bathroom: Relaxation, self-care, releasing what no longer serves you with ease. Lounge: Relaxation, socialising, joy, laughter with family and friends. Dining room: Quality family time, socialising, entertaining, relaxing Work space: Abundance, wealth, stress free, clear mind, productive, enjoyment, fulfilment, success Bedroom: Love, passion, peaceful, restful sleep, serenity, joy. Entertainment area: Safety, joy, friendship, peace, calm, celebration, protection. Perimeter of the Property: Protection of boundary wall, protection above & below the property, safety & security   DOWNLOAD ENERGY LIST Now that you’ve done your prep lets jump right in. STEP 3: Light your candles & read your intention out loud. Your INTENTION:  “I call on my spirit guides  & guardian angels to be with me today to help me cleanse my home, property and possessions. Help me to remove any old, stagnant energy from this space in absolute ease and grace with the highest vibrational frequency of love available to me at this time. Please surround me with light, love and protection. Create a crystalline grid of the highest vibration & protection both above and below my property, along my boundary walls, gate, driveway and any and all access points to my home. May this cleansing process be powerful and instantaneous with no negative effects on myself, my family and pets. I am completely and divinely protected.” INCLUDE THIS IF YOU LIVE IN AN APARTMENT:  “Grid my homes energy so that it is not affected in any way by the energy of those living above, below or next to me.” “Thank you for your help, love and guidance today and every day. I am deeply and truly grateful. And so it is.” DOWNLOAD INTENTION STEP 4: Remove unwanted energy & bring in new energy. *Prep rooms by closing all windows & opening all cupboards so that the smoke can reach every nook and cranny of the room. A. Remove unwanted energy – Anticlockwise spiral. Start at the entrance of each room. Light your incense & walk around the room in an anti-clockwise direction from the outside of the room, making a spiral, circling towards the centre of the room. Say out loud “I remove any and all old, stagnant and residue energy from this room”. Smudge the smoke from the floor to the ceiling using your feather. B. Bring in energy that you want to fill your home with – Clockwise spiral What you remove you must replace. Go back to the entrance of the room. Walk in a clockwise direction from the outside of the room towards the centre of the room. Moving from the perimeter of the wall slowly and intentionally making a clockwise spiral into the centre of the room. Say out loud what energy you are bringing into the space. Do this for each room in your home. *Note: Once all rooms have been smudged, open all windows and doors and allow the smoke to escape taking all the stagnant energy with it. Say a prayer of gratitude and thanks to your guides and guardian angels for helping you with the cleansing ceremony. May You Always Walk In The Power Of Love, Barbara-Anne