All bags are not made equal. Our MUNAY yoga mat bags are not just any old bags. They are the guardians of your precious magic carpet. All of our love and intention goes into their making. We select only the finest fabrics in town. Each yoga bag is blessed when hand sewing a crystal bead onto it, spreading the energy of love into each home, studio and space that it touches.


Incense, Mala beads, Buddhas, and things (P.S. You had us at incense…) We’re obsessed with anything under the sun that ignites the soul & soothes the systems. Take a little look see at our collection of delightful goodies. Good vibes guaranteed.


If you’re anything like us you’re a LOVER of all things yoga. And yes…. Yoga IS for every “BODY”. That’s why we’re obsessed with our props.. They make yoga universally accessible to everyone by supporting all bodies in finding safety & comfort in yoga poses. No matter what your yoga vibe is, allow our props to hold you in confidence & love.


Life’s far too short for tight clothes. (Totally excluding those 100 pairs of cool leggings in your cupboard.) Comfort is key when strutting your cuteness in our MUNAY clothing range. Feel the flow in our uber zen collection.