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Incense, Palo Santo & White Sage

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These premium quality incense sticks are traditionally hand rolled in India using 100% natural ingredients. Palo Santo is one of the most favourite incenses used in yoga studios & meditation sessions. 

White Sage is a sacred, purifying plant. It’s highly effective in cleansing your home, property or business of heavy, dense energy. Palo Santo has been burnt by Inca Shamans for centuries for spiritual purification and energy healing.

A powerhouse combination to use in yoga practices, healing sessions or mediation.

CLICK HERE for a practical guide on how to cleanse your home from negative energy.


8 in stock

8 in stock


Soul Tribe incense sticks are so beautifully packaged and make an ideal “zen” gift. Check out our range of incense holders to complement your yoga vibe.


More about this product:

  • Burning time: 40 min per stick
  • Weight: 15gms
  • Length: 21cm
  • Contents: 12 sticks in a box

Additional information

Weight 0,028 kg
Dimensions 21 × 4 × 2 cm


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